Mr. Olympia 2016 Interview with Geobanny Paula


Geobanny Paula is a veteran┬ápro that qualified for the Mr. Olympia Mens Physique Showdown by leading in points for the overall season. He was first place out of 7 athletes that qualified through points this year when the season ended on Aug 20th. Below are some questions that Geobanny┬áPersonally answered for Men’s Physique News in our Olympia 2016 Series.

How many shows have you competed in your career?

38 Competitions total, Olympia will be #39.

Bodybuilding – 5
Men’s Physique – 11
8 national shows

22 ,not including Olympia

When did you win your pro card?

I obtained my Pro card in 2013 at Junior USA’s National Wear only top three of the 600 in the overall GoPro. I came in second place to 2x Mr Olympia Jeremy buendia this was my eighth National attempt at my Pro card.

Whats your best method of Cardio?

Running outside in the Magic City Heat the 305

What are your strong points? and what are your weak points?

My strongest feature is my back. My weakest point is my midsection, lower abs specifically.

At what age did you start weight training?

I began weight training at 14 years old because of football.

How old were you when you first started competing? what was your first show? and what placing did you get?

My first competition was at 17 years old. The Miami championships, where I placed 2nd in teenage middleweight bodybuilding.

Whats the best place for your fans to find you and keep up to date with you?

Instagram @geobannypaula & @gp_bodysculpting or on SnapChat GeobannyPaula.


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