Mr. Olympia 2016 Interview with Jeremy Coleman


Jeremy Coleman is a new pro that on his Second pro show qualified for the Mr. Olympia Mens Physique Showdown. The show that qualified him for the showdown was the 2015 IFBB California Night of Champions. Below are some questions that Jeremey Personally answered for Men’s Physique News in our Olympia 2016 Series.

How many shows have you competed in your career?

5 shows so far 1 regional, 2 national and 2 pro shows. Olympia will be my 6th.

When did you win your pro card?

2015 nationals in Miami

How many weeks have you been prepping for the O?

I started a 8 week prep this time normally 6 weeks.

If you could train with any Mr. Olympia winner, past or present (in his prime), who would you pick?

Ronnie Coleman because I thought his Intensity throughout the workout was unmatched.

How old were you when you first started competing? what was your first show? and what placing did you get?

started at 26 years old last year and it was the California State Championship. I took home the overall that night in novice and also open.

Who was the first bodybuilder/athlete that you remember seeing who really inspired you?

Steve Cook

Whats the best place for your fans to find you and keep up to date with you?

Instagram @jcfit__ or search for me on Facebook.


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