Mr. Olympia 2016 Interview with Chase Savoie


Chase Savoie is gracing the Mr. Olympia Mens Physique Showdown stage for the second time this year. The show that qualified him for the showdown was the Puerto Rico┬áPro 2016. Below are some questions that Chase┬áPersonally answered for Men’s Physique News in our Olympia 2016 Series.

What got you into the sport?

I wanted something to stay competitive with after high school sports and saw it as the perfect challenge for my body and mind.

What motivates you to stay focused for the O?

I want to improve every single show and have a strong showing for my fans.

What bodybuilding era would I choose?

I would choose the 70s or 80s era physiques. Because back then it wasn’t all about how much mass you could slap on, everything was more about quality not quantity like it is now. I look up to guys like frank Zane, bob Paris because they had perfect balance of size and symmetry in my mind.

What are your strong points? and what are your weak points?

My strongest feature is my back. My weakest point is my midsection, lower abs specifically.

What’s your best method for cardio?

I would say HITT intervals on stair stepper works best for me. I like to do 2min high and 2min medium pace for best results.

Meal of choice post show?

Me and my coach Kash now have a ritual, if there’s a maggianos Italian restaurant in town after show then we make sure we hit that up. And I’ll usually get the lasagna and cheese cake.

What age did you started training?

I lifted my first weights for sports when I was 16 and didn’t really start getting serious with lifting until I was 17.

Whats the best place for your fans to find you and keep up to date with you?

You can follow me on Instagram @chasesavoie or go to my website


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