Mr. Olympia 2016 Interview with Ryan John-Baptiste


Ryan John-Baptiste is gracing the Mr. Olympia Mens Physique Showdown stage for the First time in his career this year. The show that qualified him for the showdown was the San Marino Pro in 2016. Below are some questions that Ryan Personally answered for Men’s Physique News in our Olympia 2016 Series.

When did you win your pro card?

I earned my Pro Card back in 2014, when I won the overall at the British Finals. They only announced on the day that they will be giving out a Pro card. There were approx 140 other competitors that made the finals that day in the different height categories. I was so happy to win my category but was so overwhelmed when I won the overall and then receiving my Pro card. Crazy!

how many weeks have you been prepping for the O?

This being my Olympia debut I have decided for it to be my longest prep to date. This time round I have decided to do 12 weeks, I normally do 8-9 weeks. The plan is to cruise into the show this time round.

How much cardio do you do in prep for this?

I actually do quite a bit of cardio, I started my cardio 12 weeks out this time round – doing 4 hours a week. I have built this up as the weeks have gone by. I normally do 1 hour at time. I will build this up to 90 minutes 6 days a week, 1 hour in the morning uphill walking followed by 30 mins on the upright bike. This time round I have stuck to fasted uphill walking on the treadmill in the morning. I find this really works for me.

Do you do Cheat meals during your prep? and how close to the show are they cut out?

Yes or course! I get lean pretty quick, so normally at the beginning of the prep I do 1 or 2 cheat meals a week, as I get closer, say 6 weeks out, I will only have if the mind and body needs it. Sometimes you need that recharge mentally, as my mind does play games with me lol. A nice 18″ Pizza and some white chocolate or Nutella goes down like a treat!!

Do prefer to train alone or do you have a training partner?

Most of the time I train with a few training partners, all of us compete which really helps, so we are always pushing each other to our max, especially the last few weeks of a prep when it get’s tough. It’s good to know that you’re not the only person suffering.

Whats the best place for your fans to find you and keep up to date with you?

Instagram: @RyanJohnBaptiste

Sanpchat: RyanJBaptiste

Twitter: @RJBaptiste

Facebook: @OfficialRyanJohnBaptiste

Youtube: @RyanjohnbaptisteIFBBPro


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