City Limits Pro Interview with George Brown


At the Men’s Physique Inaugural year for the City Limits Pro, George Brown kept quiet about doing the show. Once his name came up on the Athletes Lists it was no longer secret. This 2x Olympian, 3x Arnold Classic competitor, and 5x IFBB PRO Champion has put a mark in the Division. Just coming off the Arnold stage a few weeks ago he was surely the crowd favorite going into The City Limits Pro. Not only being the crowd favorite he came out victorious at this event and winning his ticket back to the Olympia stage this year. After the show we had the chance to catch up with him and he was able to answer a few questions for us.

Going into the City Limits Pro you seemed to be the crowd favorite. How did you feel about that? and what did you think what your place would be for it?

About being the crowd favorite. And how I felt I was going to place. Being the crowd favorite or projected winner puts a target in your back. You know that if you don’t do what you are supposed to you it’s your fault. And it will make you look bad. I always feel like I’m gonna win because I know what I do to prepare. But at the end of the day that’s out of my hands. It’s up to the judges. But I always go in expecting to come out on top.

This is your third year going into the Olympia. How does it feel to be going back to Olympia this year?

It’s feels good to go back definitely and this will be my 3rd year. To be recognized as a top athlete on the biggest stage is a honor and I feel fantastic about that.

Now that you’ve captured your Olympia qualification again. What shows are you doing next?

I’m definitely defending both titles at Pittsburgh and NY Pro. I may sneak another show in we will see.

With you winning Europa Orlando and the Ny Pro last year, but they are both same weekend this year. Out of the 2 Why did you pick New York Pro to recapture your title?

Well I picked NY because to me the win their means more. No disrespect to the Orlando show but I want to win the ny pro 3 yrs in a row. I want to be legendary and it’s a well respected show

With you winning Pittsburgh Pro and NY Pro last year these are some of the biggest shows of the year other than Arnold and Olympia. what are your thoughts knowing that everyone is gunning for your title at both those shows?

About Pittsburgh and NY and people gunning for me. I mean I’m taking all challengers. I love it. I love competition. I want everyone to come in their best and still beat them. Also I think it’s great for the league because guys are not sitting back Hollywood and doing one show. If you get a win in the ifbb these days it’s legit I don’t care what show. The competition level is at a all time high. I love it !

Going into Olympia what are you going to do different or keep the same prepping for it?

Going into Olympia I’m will just stay consistent and focused. It’s simple I work hard already so nothing will change just more of the same

Whats the best place for your fans to find you and keep up to date with you?

Going into Olympia I’m will just stay consistent and focused. It’s simple I work hard already so nothing will change just more of the same

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