Los Angeles Grand Prix Interview with Xavisus Gayden


it was a stacked show going into the Los Angeles Grand Prix . There were 6 Olympians that graced the stage and one of the them being Xavisus Gayden. This 3x Olympian, 2x Arnold Classic competitor, and 2x IFBB PRO Champion was under some tough competition. Amongst it all Xavisus Gayden came out on top at Los Angeles Grand Prix and qualifies for his 4th year going to the Mr. Olympia Stage. After the show we had the chance to catch up with him and he was able to answer a few questions for us.

Congratulations on your 4th Olympian qualification. How does it feel know that you have qualified for the Mr. Olympia Stage again?

Thanks fam! It means a lot to me because I honestly was heart broken during my deployment when I was told I couldn’t compete at the 2015 Olympia then missing the 2016 Olympia for military training. I felt I had grounds to make up and so I dialed my focus in more than ever plus I’ve always wanted more for my Marines and my family, which is me being a better role model, father, man, and Marine.

As previously stated that years you have been qualified either by points (2014 and 2016) or by IFBB win (2015), but haven’t been on the Olympia stage for 2015 and 2016. Can you please shed extra more light on the reason why you haven’t been able to compete on that stage in the past qualifications?

Well I didn’t compete in 2015 because I was deployed for 7 months and prior to that I was considering early retirement to return my daughters home. I let it all go and put it in Gods hands and I came out a better, stronger and smarter man.

2016 I was told I’m up for promotion soon so there’s training that I need to complete and I’m still dealing with that but this year I planned the remainder of it out so you will see my on the O stage no matter what.

This year with your qualification are you planning on stepping on the mr. Olympia stage?

Yes, my command deployed and at the same time my wife Sarah and I welcomed our beautiful baby boy Lil X into the world so I’m blessed to be here right now and be able to do what I love. I will be on the O stage this year for sure, you you’ve heard it here if there are any doubts.

Are you planning on doing any more shows before the Olympia this year?

As of now it is uncertain but we will know soon.

How are you planning on training going into the Olympia? Is it going to change or are you going to keep it the way it is?

I plan on doing the exact same thing Kim Oddo and I did this show maintaining my fullness and showing up conditioned.
My training will go back to my normal training vice the conditioning things I do a few weeks out but it also depends on when and if I enter another show soon or wait till the O! My coach wants to wait so we will see how it turns out.

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