Europa Charlotte Interview with Raymont Edwards


Raymont Edmonds is a rising through the ranks this year as one of the main competitors of 2017. With a Top 6 Finish at the Arnold Classic and a top 2 finish at the City Limits Pro he is making his mark in the division. Heading into the Europa Charlotte he had great momentum, so much momentum that he came out of the show with his first pro win and his first qualification to the Olympia stage in September. After the show we had the chance to catch up with him and he was able to answer a few questions for us.

Ray Congratulations on your 1st Pro win and your 2017 Olympia Qualification. This is your first ever qualification to the Olympia Stage. How do you feel finally having the opportunity of stepping on that stage come September?

It feels great to finally be able to have this opportunity to show, all the hard work that I put in. Having the opportunity to display it all in front of the world with the best of the best of elite athletes at the Olympia is something not many will EVER have the chance to do and it’s a blessing!

With just competing at the Arnold Classic and the City Limits Pro. Is there anything you did differently going into the Europa Charlotte?

Yes, as I do with all shows to the next I work harder and that’s not an easy thing to do. I’ve been in prep mode since competing in both the Arnold and City Limits so I must really be able to continue to block things out that attempt to be distractions, push through the aches the pains, endure the energy roller coaster being high and low, and just say FUCK IT LETS GO!

We saw some video your coach Omar Ventura Posted of you training at 2am right before the show. very rarely do we see athletes train the day before a show let alone 14 hours before you step on stage. what was the mindset of your 2am work out before stepping on stage?

Honestly I just wanted to get some good footage for the gram hahahahaha.. No but Peak Week in general I love it because it’s the time where I see myself fully transform in attempt to top my previous best each time! So the night before taking the stage Im always supercharged and focused on winning! The night before Charlotte I was so locked in and wanted to make sure Omar and I got a final eye on EVERYTHING bc I wasn’t trying to leave Charlotte without an Olympia qualification. Sometimes typical isn’t always the best thing for everyone and Omar and I have a trusting relationship about decision making. If I feel I can train, why not?

Athletes usually stray away from a 2 day show. How did you manage to jump the hurdle of having to stay as conditioned and full between pre-judging and finals?

Its simple: ” Strategy after strategy. One show at a time and focus on that show only for the time being. And for that show the first focus is prejudging and prejudging only. Whatever comes after, we got a strategy for that too. You and Dre are scholars of the game. Y’all …. we all…. us all are always 11 steps ahead of the pack! ” ~ Omar Ventura

Between now and Olympia are you planning on doing any other shows?

ABSOLUTELY! I’m born and raised in Pittsburgh, so I’m indebted to the Pittsburgh Pro. Then 2 weeks later I’m traveling to the New York Pro. I feel with my current resume this season with a top 6 placing at the Arnold, a very close 1 point decision second place finish in Texas behind George Brown, and my win in Charlotte, along with the possibility of 2 more HUGE wins or at least 2 very good placings in Pittsburgh and New York, gives me very good momentum going into the Olympia! Just making the Olympia has never been a goal of mine! Actually being in the mix, having my name and number called into first call outs with opportunity to battle it out for the title has been mine!

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