Pittsburg Pro Interview with Raymont Edmonds


Raymont Edmonds is a rising through the ranks this year as one of the main competitors of 2017. Just coming off his win at Europa Charlotte he came in with guns blazing to the Pittsburgh Pro making a very big statement. After his win at the Pittsburgh Pro he is not slowing down going into the NY Pro. After the show we had the chance to catch up with him and he was able to answer a few questions for us.

Congratulations on your 2nd start pro win. How does it feel to win this one at home?

This one was really sweet! I mean it had all the perfect settings with my family, friends, and local people whom have heard of me and or follow me in attendance and to get a win was quite amazing! Coming off the win in Charlotte and already qualified for the O, I just wanted to show everyone that Pittsburgh would be represented in Vegas this upcoming September at the O properly and I think I made steps achieving that.

We happen to be on Michael Anderson’s live feed when they were handing out the awards and your daughter was right in front of him. How much did it mean for you to get that first place in front of your daughter?

Hahahaha, ohhh Ava! Every show she demands I return with a trophy or some kind of hardware for her from my competitions! She even had a sign in the crowd that read ” Dad win me a trophy! ” hahaha. So yeah man, as anyone with children it gives you added motivation while prepping bc you’re like their superhero in a sense and you don’t want to let them down.

In this show you had 2 of your close friends in the top 3 with you. One of them being George Brown and the other being your Team Mate Andre Ferguson. Through it all how do you separate the personal relationship versus competing with some of your closest friends?

George and Andre obviously have had much success in the IFBB prior to my arrival into the league and they are a few that I was instantly drawn to the moment I discovered Men’s Physique. So after turning Pro at the 2015 Nationals in Miami, my debut was at the 2016 Arnold Classic, we met, had a great time, and the chemistry has been there ever since. The thing is that we all share the same mentality, so it’s not by mistake why we’re so close! We talk everyday, motivate one another, discuss real life stuff aside from bodybuilding, so there’s genuine love and respect for one another! Leading up to shows we’ve competed in against we make it fun, enjoy ourselves, and we’ve been fortunate at times with the results! HOWEVER, once we step on stage, WE ARE AFTER EACH OTHERS NECKS! Hahahaha…. Straight up, with no love lost, and as much as we want each other to succeed we all want to win!

We know that Andre Ferguson and George Brown had some difficulties in prejudging. Now that you are in a role with your last 2 shows. How confident do you feeling going into the NYpro?

The gift and curse in this sport is through trial and error! It can go either way, being an advantage or disadvantage for competitors. Despite it occurring, one must still go out and deliver, and I’d say finishing respectively 2nd and 3rd most competitors can only dream those being the results in placing after experiencing difficulties. So that just shows how great both George and Andre are, but they just ran into someone that was better that day!

I’m very confident heading into the NY Pro and my ability to WIN! Listen, I’m not one to get caught up in the moment too long! I was up the next morning after the Pgh Pro win doing my fasted cardio and training like I haven’t one SHIT!!!! The goal is to remain consistent, and to bring it everyday through preparations that my coach Omar Ventura and I assure that is being carried out! So when game time comes there isn’t any doubt amongst myself! It’s not being cocky, it’s having superior confidence that one must have in order to achieve greatness and that’s the path that I’m chasing! The NY Pro I expect it to be another dog fight, with the highest level of competition in the world! I’ll be more than ready to rock, and ready to get it on!

After NYPro what do you have you eyes set on?

Honestly I couldn’t tell you bc I’m too focused on winning the 2017 New York Pro! So after the NY Pro, we’ll see where things are at that time! =

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