Night of Champions Interview with Long Wu


Long Wu is the First Ever Chinese IFBB Pro. Long has been making a statement this year. He entered in his first ever arnold classic this year and took top 10. He also Just came off of 2 Second Place wins and it was only a matter of time that he would get his first Pro Win and His qualification for the Mr. Olympia Stage come September. After the show we had the chance to catch up with him and he was able to answer a few questions for us.

Congratulations Long on you’re first ever Pro win and your first ever qualification to the Mr. Olympia Stage. How does it feel to know that you’ll be going on stage with some of the best in the world?

I feel really excited and honored to know that ill be going on stage with some of the best in the world as the first Chinese IFBB Pro. It is a milestone for Chinese bodybuilding and I can’t wait to see more Chinese athletes stand on the world most prestigious stage.

We happen to be on Michael Anderson’s live feed when they were handing out the awards and your daughter was right in front of him. How much did it mean for you to get that first place in front of your daughter?

Hahahaha, ohhh Ava! Every show she demands I return with a trophy or some kind of hardware for her from my competitions! She even had a sign in the crowd that read ” Dad win me a trophy! ” hahaha. So yeah man, as anyone with children it gives you added motivation while prepping bc you’re like their superhero in a sense and you don’t want to let them down.

After obtaining your pro card in China. What encouraged you to move to California and join the Zero Gravity Team?

I got my pro card in China in 2015 Olympia Amateur Asia, because there are no pro shows in China, i decided to move to US to compete. California has always been the mecca of bodybuilding where many legends are born. I joined team zero gravity by the end of the last year after a show where won 3rd place in San Diego. The judge at that show Tamer encouraged me to join team zero gravity and I’m glad that I made that decision.

In 2016 you only competed in one show so you were pretty silent. But this year starting with the Arnold classic you placed top 10 and in your last 2 shows you placed 2nd. What steps have you take to move you up as one of the guys to beat?

I came to US in July 2016, and I was not familiar with the rules and situation and I was on my own. After couple months i met my girlfriend, I told her my goal is to compete in Mr. Olympia one day, so she helped me plan everything and she really believes in me even if I wasn’t famous by that time. She encouraged me to compete in the shows listed above and she is the biggest support behind the scene.

Now Going into Olympia what is your game plan going into that show training and dieting wise?

I will train even harder to be fully prepared for the Mr.Olympia stage. Dieting wise, I will follow the plan my coach gives me.

What other shows are you planning on doing from here to Olympia or are you just planning on focusing on Olympia?

I am planning on being 100% Focused on Olympia because this is the first Olympia show I have to make sure I am 100% ready for it.

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