Europa Orlando Interview with Diogo Montenegro


Diogo Montenegro is a 3x Olympian From Brazil. He has Three Pro wins under his belt. This year he won the Europa Orlando show which re-qualified him for the third time in as many years. Two of his pro wins came from the Prestige Crystal Cup in 2015 and 2016. After the show we had the chance to catch up with him and he was able to answer a few questions for us.

Congratulations on your win and qualifying for this years Olympia. How does it feel to be going back for the 3rd year in a row?

It’s like a dream coming into reality. Now I can feel I’m ready to battle for big step in Olympia.

Coming from Brazil and competing as an international athlete. do you feel it’s a challenge competing in the states?

Sure! In every trip I go through inconveniences, unforeseens, delay flights etc. But I know it will always happen so I just focus on my purpose and don’t let the negative things put me down.

You took a long offseason break and this show was your first for this season. How did you prepare in the off season for this show?

Actually I got sick and need to stop training and dieting. I lost 27lbs and when I come back to the gym to try to recover, I only got 13lbs. I almost decide not to do EuropaOrlando and TorontoPRO but fortunally I trust myself and push hard into my goal.

Since the Europa is a 2 day show. After prejudging on Saturday did you feel confident that you were going to take the win or because of how they positioned you that it was uncertain?

I definitely felt confident. For everything I went through I was expecting something great for this competition and I needed to be extremely motivated to succeed.

Between prejudging and finals what steps did you take in order to stay as conditioned of improve it?

I just did the same things that I did before the prejudging. Control and balance of water, sodium, potassium and carbs.

What shows are you planning on doing next? Or are you just focused on Olympia?

I’m going to do the Toronto PRO SuperShow next Saturday!

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