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The 2nd Annual Baltimore Grand Prix and Fitness Expo will take place this weekend, July 15th in Baltimore, Maryland. The expo will host a huge lineup of Men’s Physique Pros, as 28 competitors are slated to take center stage. With last year’s winner Andre Ferguson not making a return to the Baltimore Grand Prix, a new champion is sure to be crowned. And with a very deep card, there are many competitors to keep an eye out for.

Ray Akins will be competing just one week after being crowned champion at the Lenda Murray Pro in Norfolk, Virginia. Akins will not be taking any time off in between shows, as he will hope to keep his momentum going this weekend in Baltimore. Akins said, “I love to compete, it’s something that tests my dedication, determination, focus and consistency” in an Instagram post earlier this week. After last weeks top place finish, and what could be a top finish in Baltimore, Akins now has competing at the Olympia to look forward to in a couple of months.

Matt Acton, Jacques Dalce Jr., and Scott Dennis are sure to stand out on stage this weekend in Maryland. Each one of these competitors are near the top of the list in the Men’s Physique Olympia Point Standings; Acton is tied for 6th, Dalce Jr. is tied for 9th, and Dennis sits at 13th.  Being so close to qualifying will definitely draw attention toward these three pros. Scott Dennis finished 2nd in Baltimore last year and has his sights set on finishing number one this year. However, Dalce Jr. is especially looking tough to beat as he landed in the number two spot at the Orlando Europa and the number four spot at the Mile High Pro this season.

Michael Mperey, who finished 8th among some of the best in the world at the Arnold Classic this year, fell short at the NY Pro a couple of months later with a 16th place finish on the scorecard. Mperey didn’t let that slow him down however as he said he had “more shows to tackle and more fun to have” on Instagram after the show. Mperey’s 8th place finish at the Arnold was no fluke, and he will definitely be a name to listen for when it comes time for call-outs.

Adam Thomas, who just earned his pro card at 2017 NPC Universe Championships a couple of weeks ago, could be the next competitor to go from amateur to Olympian in a matter of weeks. The newly named pro, along with returning competitors from last years Baltimore Grand Prix, Duane Brickhouse, Ron Dacosta, and Victor Clark, are just a few of the names that could be called by the judges to lineup for another comparison.

With a card that is 28 competitors deep, the Baltimore Grand Prix will certainly have a few surprises in store this weekend. For more information on the show, visit

These competitors will be joined by at least ten other Men’s Physique Pros this weekend in Chicago. This weekend will be a show that IFBB fans will not want to miss as the competition grows stronger the closer the Big O stage gets. For more information on the Chicago Pro visit:

For the full list of competitors, exclusive check-ins, and event updates at this weekends show, be sure to follow Men’s Physique News on Instagram.

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