Exclusive Tampa Pro Interview with Antoine Weatherspoon

Exclusive interview with Antoine Weatherspoon after his win at the Tampa Pro.

Baltimore Grand Prix Interview with Scott Dennis

Scott Dennis is in his second year in competing as a pro. Scott this year has competed in 4 shows. Within those shows Scott made a choice to switch coaches to Omar Ventura and...

Vancouver Pro Show Interview with Anthony Scalza

Anthony Scalza is a brand new Pro that just received his Pro Card at 2017 Team U. Just a week after he took the stage for his pro debut at the Vancouver Po Show....

Lenda Murray Pro Interview with Raymond Akinlosotu

Raymond Akinlosotu is the new champ for the Lenda Murray pro . Last years champ Otis Hooper (Unable to compete this year) was proud to be able to pass the baton to Ray Akins....

Road to the 2017 Baltimore Grand Prix Pro

The 2nd Annual Baltimore Grand Prix and Fitness Expo will take place this weekend, July 15th in Baltimore, Maryland. The expo will host a huge lineup of Men’s Physique Pros, as 28 competitors are...

Mile High Pro Interview with Suraqah Shabazz

Suraqah Shabazz is a new pro that gained his Pro card at Junior Nationals is Chicago last year. He's competed in three pro shows since and has placed top five in his first two...

Northern California Pro Interview with Thomas Bakke

This is a story you truly do not hear about every day. Just a few weeks ago Thomas Bakke became pro at the Junior USA’s where only 3 Pro cards were awarded for Men's...

Europa Orlando Interview with Diogo Montenegro

Diogo Montenegro is a 3x Olympian From Brazil. He has Three Pro wins under his belt. This year he won the Europa Orlando show which re-qualified him for the third time in as many years....

Night of Champions Interview with Long Wu

Long Wu is the First Ever Chinese IFBB Pro. Long has been making a statement this year. He entered in his first ever arnold classic this year and took top 10. He also Just came...

Pittsburg Pro Interview with Raymont Edmonds

Raymont Edmonds is a rising through the ranks this year as one of the main competitors of 2017. Just coming off his win at Europa Charlotte he came in with guns blazing to the...

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