Salt City Showdown Interview with Joe Lee

Joe Lee flew under the radar this year keeping a low profile in the off season till Salt City Showdown. His first show back he made a massive splash to let everyone know he is still...

Europa Charlotte Interview with Raymont Edwards

Raymont Edmonds is a rising through the ranks this year as one of the main competitors of 2017. With a Top 6 Finish at the Arnold Classic and a top 2 finish at the...

Los Angeles Grand Prix Interview with Xavisus Gayden

it was a stacked show going into the Los Angeles Grand Prix . There were 6 Olympians that graced the stage and one of the them being Xavisus Gayden. This 3x Olympian, 2x Arnold...

City Limits Pro Interview with George Brown

At the Men's Physique Inaugural year for the City Limits Pro, George Brown kept quiet about doing the show. Once his name came up on the Athletes Lists it was no longer secret. This...

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